1. "The most important thing in the world is content - you may have the best technology, but if you have shit coming down the line, you still just have shit."

2. "Forget about evolution; with broadband reaching the mass market, we will be experiencing a revolution"

3. "Broadband will quickly begin to blur the borders of what we percieve to be a TV programme, a website and a computer game"

4. "Broadband will revolutionise interfaces and navigation"

5. "The boredom and lack of imagination that's too often evident in sites will be lost"

6. "Broadband will mean that designing for the net will become more televisiual"

7. "At the moment, the only limitations are imagination and bandwidth, and only one of those will disappear when when the whole world hooks up to DSL"

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This micro site was created by Simon McDonnell

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